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News from the Amber Trail

In this section we would like to inform you about some of the new things to see along the Moravian Amber Trail. Here you will find information about new programs, literature, discounts, and packages. If you would like us to send news automatically to your email address, please apply here.

By registering, Partners and travel agencies can also view the expanded news in the section Information for partners and travel agencies.

Unique baroque cemetery in Strilky again available for sightseeing
posted 5. 3. 2009
The Town of Strilky is situated in north-western rim of Chriby hills. It is located on the crossroads of the roads Brno-Zlin and Kromeriz-Kyjov. The town has got an interesting history as well as a unique architectural monument from the first half of 18. century – its Baroque cemetery. The cemetery was built in 1730-1743 by Amand Anton Petrvaldsky – by that time the owner of the Strilky and Tovacovice manor. Due to its unique architecture and sculptural compositions the cemetery is a rare piece of baroque art, nonesuch not only in the Czech Republic but in the whole Europe. The authorship of the project is credited to Episcopal architect Ignac Josef Cyrani from Bolleshaus, who worked for Amand Anton Petrvaldsky. The author of sculptures is Moravian sculptor Gottfied Fritsch, the disciple and co-worker of Jiri Rafael Donner.

Dresdener Reisemarkt - Invitation / Einladung
posted 20.1.2009
Sehr geehrte Geschäftsfreunde, ich möchte Sie zur Dresdener Reisemarkt in der Zeitraum von 30. 1. – 1. 2. 2009 recht herzlich einladen. In der Halle Nr. 4 (D 14 – Tschechische Republik) werde ich Sie persönlich erwarten. Wir stellen zusammen mit der Region Südmähren und der Region Ostmähren aus.

Christmas events at the Wallachian Outdoor Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
posted 1. 12. 2008
Make your Advent and Christmas holidays even more joyful with a visit to the Wallachian Outdoor Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm and a rich cultural program for the season.

Hand-crafted glass products made in Vizovice
posted 31.7.2008
Visit the first private glassworks in the Czech Republic, built after 1989. It is equipped with the latest glass-melting unit with environmentally clean operation.

60 minutes with beer in the Černá Hora Brewery
posted 12.7.2008
A visit to both the historical and modern operation of the Černá Hora Brewery, which is the oldest running brewery in Moravia, is a true experience. An excursion of the brewery is topped off with a beer tasting in the social center of the malt house located within the brewery grounds.

The Moravian Amber Trail is ready for your visit!
posted 10. 1. 2008
The Amber Trail was one of ancient trade routes that once passed through the lands of Bohemia and Moravia. It wound through all of Moravia, leading south through Vienna to the Adriatic Sea, and north to the Baltic. The name of this legendary trail has become the tie-in for cooperation between the region of Zlín and others who wished to join forces and create an attractive set of tourist products.

Official greeting for the first foreign visitors to the Moravian Amber Trail
posted 12.1.2008
Representatives of Amber Travel and of Luhačovice Spa ceremonially greeted the first tourists on the Moravian Amber Trail. In late 2007 Amber Travel signed a contract with an important travel agency in Lvov, Ukraine.


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