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homepage » TOP Events » International Meeting of Ironwrights – HEFAISTON

International Meeting of Ironwrights – HEFAISTON

Village: Týn nad Bečvou


If you’re headed through Moravia from the north to the south, you can’t help but notice Castle Helfštýn, rising out of the forest atop the hills. This fairy-tale castle with six gates, many towers, and massive walls will thrill you with its unforgettable medieval magic.

A tour of the castle can be combined with a visit to nearby historical sites such as Olomouc, Kroměříž, or Svatý Hostýn. The tourist train takes you from Lipník nad Bečvou straight up to the largest castle complex in Central Europe. Housed below the castle palace is an exhibit of a historical mint and artistic ironworking. Expert blacksmiths from all over the world meet at Helfštýn at the end of August for the international meeting Hefaiston. You will see demonstrations of iron work and an exhibition of over 100 wrought iron masterpieces, with new items added every year.

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