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Practical Information

Important telephone numbers

General emergency – 112
Medical first aid – 155
Police – 158
Municipal police – 156
Fire dept. – 150
Information – 1180 and 1181

Tourist information

You can find complete information on the Moravian Amber Trail and its tourist services at the Moravian Amber Trail Infoline, at telephone number +420 519 512 202 or at You will find detailed tourist information on the Czech Republic at the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at the official site of the Czech Tourism Center There you will find information on places of interest, and also practical advice on travel, telephoning, medical assistance, postal services, etc.


The current weather report can be found at Or you can look for yourself at the weather along the Moravian Amber Trail by logging on to our web cameras.


The territory of the Moravian Amber Trail lies in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, and includes almost all of the regions of Moravia and Silesia. You can get here by air, auto or bus, train or via long-distance bicycle routes.

If you are traveling by air, you can land at one of the region’s international airports in Brno and Ostrava, or the airports in Vienna, Prague, or Bratislava.

The region’s highway network is quite dense. You can come by automobile on the expressway from Prague to Brno, and onward via Olomouc or Kroměříž, or from the south to Břeclav via expressway from Bratislava. Vienna is linked to the region via class 1 highway E 461, which goes all the way to Poland. On most of the expressways a highway vignette is required. For standard personal cars highway vignettes are available lasting one week, one month, or one year. The vignettes are sold at petrol stations and post offices. To find the optimal route for your arrival, use the route planner at one of the map servers, for example, or

For transportation over shorter distances (mainly in the towns) you can take advantage of the local taxi services.

The region is well served by railroad connections. The top-quality high-speed train SC Pendolino will take you very quickly and comfortably between Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Brno, Olomouc, and Ostrava. Eurocity-class trains serve in all directions, and the region is interlaced with a dense network of local links. You can find train schedules at

The land of the Moravian Amber Trail is criss-crossed by a number of long-distance bicycle routes, one of which bears the Amber Trail name. Other routes include Bohemia-Moravia, Czech-Polish Border, Czech-Austrian Border, Greenways Prague-Vienna, the Moravian and Prague routes, and long distance routes from Jeseník to Znojmo, Jihlava to Český Těšín, and Hradec Králové to Břeclav. The Moravian Wine Trails take you to the wine growing region of South Moravia.

Visa and customs

In December 2007 the Czech Republic became part of the Schengen area, and passport controls at the land borders were eliminated. At the international airports, only the passports of passengers coming from or going to countries outside the Schengen area are checked.

A list of all Czech Republic offices abroad by country can be found here.

A list of all embassies and consulates of the Czech Republic abroad can be found here.

Customs regulations
Current information about customs regulations can be found on the website of your country’s embassy in the Czech Republic. A list of countries represented in the Czech Republic is available here.


State holidays
1 January – New Year’s Day, Renewal of Independent Czech State
8 May – Liberation Day
5 July – Slavonic Prophets St. Cyril and Methodius
6 July – Burning of Master Jan Hus
28 September – Czech Statehood Day
28 October – Czech Independence Day
17 November – Freedom and Democracy Day

Other holidays
Easter Monday (late March/early April)
1 May – Labor Day
24 December – Christmas Eve
25 December – 1st Christmas holy day
26 December – 2nd Christmas holy day

On holidays all banks are closed, as well as some information centers, and most stores.

The business hours of banks and exchange offices are usually from Monday to Friday, 8 to 17 h; automatic teller machines function nonstop. Currency can often be exchanged at travel agencies or hotels.
Restaurants are usually open daily from 10 to 23 h, wine restaurants usually open at 16 h and close around 1 AM. On weekends they are usually open longer. Stores are usually open Monday through Friday 8 to 17 h; on Saturday most are open only in the morning, and are closed on Sunday. Food stores are usually open to 18 h, supermarkets until 20 h.

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